Quiz 34


If you believe the publicity the 2012 Olympics 
was the greatest event ever held anywhere in the world, ever. 
I  think we all watched it on box for about 20 hours a day and 
plenty of us went to watch the real thing. 
How much of it do you remember?

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In which city was the vote held that awarded the 2012 Olympic Games to London? 


Which country beat favourites Brazil in the Wembley final to win gold in  the Men's Olympic football tournament in 2012? 


Ashton Eaton (pictured) of the USA won gold in which event at the London Olympics?


Who was Tom Daley's partner in the platform synchronised diving competition?



Around which Surrey hill did the men do 9 laps, and women 2 laps, in their respective cycling road races?



Which British Olympian won 2 gold medals at the 2008 Olympics and then two bronze medals - in the same events as 2008 - at the 2012 London Olympics?

7. I find this hard to believe but four women's doubles teams in which sport were disqualified for 'not using their best efforts to win'?

8. Sarah Attar became the first woman from which country to compete on the track in an Olympic Games?


At which London venue was archery staged?


All the UK gold medal winners at the 2012 London Olympics had a stamp issued to commemorate their achievements. Whose stamp is this?


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"Viv Anderson has pissed a fatness test."
John Helm

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