UEFA Cup

Spurs qualified for the UEFA Cup as League Cup holders following their 1-0 victory over Norwich City in the 1972/73 League Cup Final at Wembley.   

1st Round 
1st Leg Wed Sep 19 Grasshoppers Zurich (Switzerland) Away Won 5-1
2nd Leg Wed Oct 3 Grasshoppers Zurich Home Won 4-1
Won 9-2 on aggregate.
2nd Round 
1st Leg Wed Oct 24 Aberdeen (Scotland) Away Drew 1-1
2nd Leg Wed Nov 7 Aberdeen Home Won 4-1
Won 5-2 on aggregate. 
3rd Round 
1st Leg Wed Nov 28 Dinamo Tbilisi (Soviet Union) Away Drew 1-1
2nd Leg Wed Dec 12 Dinamo Tbilisi Home Won 5-1
Won 6-2 on aggregate. 
4th Round 
1st Leg Wed Mar 6 FC Cologne (West Germany) Away Won 2-1
2nd Leg Wed Mar 20 FC Cologne Home Won 3-0
Won 5-1 on aggregate. 
1st Leg Wed Apr 10 Lokomotiv Leipzig (East Germany) Away Won 2-1
2nd Leg Wed Apr 24 Lokomotiv Leipzig Home Won 2-0
Won 4-1 on aggregate. 
1st Leg Tue May 21 Feyenoord (Holland) Home Drew 2-2
2nd Leg Wed May 29 Feyenoord Away Lost 0-2
Lost 2-4 on aggregate.