F.A. Cup
                                                   1891/92  Results
* denotes non-league club
First Round
Sat Jan 16 Aston Villa4-1Heanor Town*
Sat Jan 16 Blackburn Rovers (holders)4-1Derby County
Sat Jan 16 Blackpool* 0-3Sheffield United*
Sat Jan 16 Bootle* 0-2Darwen
Sat Jan 16 Crusaders* 1-4Accrington
Sat Jan 16 Everton2-4Burnley  (see note)
Sat Jan 23 Everton 1-3


Sat Jan 16 Luton Town* 0-3Middlesbrough*
Sat Jan 16 Nottingham Forest* 2-1Newcastle United*
Sat Jan 16 Old Westminsters* 2-3West Bromwich Albion
Sat Jan 16 Preston North End2-2Middlesbrough Ironopolis (see note)
Sat Jan 23 Preston North End 0-6

Middlesbrough Ironopolis*

Sat Jan 16 Small Heath* 5-1Royal Arsenal*
Sat Jan 16 Stoke3-0Casuals*  (see note)
Sat Jan 23 Stoke 3-0


Sat Jan 16 Sheffield  Wednesday* 2-1Bolton Wanderers  (see note)
Sat Jan 23 Sheffield Wednesday* 4-1

Bolton Wanderers

Sat Jan 16 Sunderland3-0Notts County  (see note)
Sat Jan 23 Sunderland 4-0

Notts County

Sat Jan 16 Sunderland Albion* 1-2Birmingham St Georges*  (see note)
Sat Jan 23 Sunderland Albion* 4-0

Birmingham St Georges*

Sat  Jan 16 Wolverhampton Wanderers2-2Crewe Alexandra*
Sat Jan 23 Crewe Alexandra* 1-4

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Second Round
Sat Jan 30 Accrington1-0Sunderland  (see note)
Sat Feb 6 Accrington 1-3


Sat Jan 30 Aston Villa2-0Darwen
Sat Jan 30 Burnley1-3Stoke
Sat Jan 30 Middlesbrough* 1-2Preston North End
Sat Jan 30 Small Heath* 0-2Sheffield Wednesday*
(the venue was switched to Owlerton, Sheffield Wednesday FC - see note)
Sat Jan 30 Sunderland Albion* 0-1Nottingham Forest*
Sat Jan 30 West Bromwich Albion3-1Blackburn Rovers  (holders)
Sat Jan 30 Wolverhampton Wanderers3-1Sheffield United*
Third Round
Sat Feb 13 Nottingham Forest* 2-0Preston North End
Sat Feb 13 Stoke 2-2Sunderland
Sat Feb 20 Sunderland 4-0


Sat Feb 13 West Bromwich Albion 2-1Sheffield Wednesday*
Sat Feb 13 Wolverhampton Wanderers1-3Aston Villa
Sat Feb 27 Aston Villa4-1Sunderland
(played at Bramall Lane, Sheffield United FC)
Sat Feb 27 West Bromwich Albion1-1Nottingham Forest*
(played at Molineux, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC)
Sat Mar 5 West Bromwich Albion 1-1

Nottingham Forest*

(played at Molineux, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC)
Wed Mar 9 West Bromwich Albion 6-2

Nottingham Forest*

(played at the Racecourse Ground, Derby County FC)


Final (at the Kennington Oval)
Sat Mar 19 West Bromwich Albion3-0Aston Villa

Note:  The First Round matches Everton v Burnley, Stoke v Casuals, Sunderland v Notts County, Sunderland Albion v Birmingham St Georges, Sheffield Wednesday v Bolton Wanderers and the Second Round match between Accrington and Sunderland were ordered to be replayed by the FA after protests were made.

The First Round tie between Preston and Middlesbrough Ironopolis played on January 16th was not considered by the referee to have been an FA Cup tie! The match was played in atrocious weather conditions (note the other matches played that day that ended up with protested results) and the referee, a Mr Fox, had refused to confirm before the start if the match was being played as a cup-tie. With the score level at 2-2 after 90 minutes Ironopolis wanted to play extra time but the referee then declared the match as a friendly. The Northern League side were a tad displeased and tried to get the re-arranged fixture played in Middlesbrough. That was not to be and Preston won 6-0 at Deepdale a week after the first match.

Small Heath (now Birmingham City) were drawn to play Sheffield Wednesday at home (which was then Muntz Street) but the tie was switched to Sheffield when Wednesday offered ?200 for a switch of venue. Soon after the match kicked off at Owlerton there were crowd disturbances and Sheffield Wednesday later received a 14 day ground closure by the FA as a punishment.



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