F.A. Cup
        1921/22  Results
* denotes non-league club
First Round
Sat Jan 7 Arsenal 0-0Queens Park Rangers
Wed Jan 11 Queens Park Rangers 1-2


Sat Jan 7 Aston Villa 6-1

Derby County

Sat Jan 7 Barnsley1-1Norwich City
Wed Jan 11 Norwich City 1-2


Sat Jan 7 Blackburn Rovers1-1Southport
Thu Jan 12 Southport 0-2

Blackburn Rovers

Sat Jan 7 Blackpool 1-2Watford
Sat Jan 7 Bolton Wanderers1-0Bury
Sat Jan 7 Bradford Park Avenue 1-0Sheffield Wednesday
Sat Jan 7 Brentford0-2Tottenham Hotspur (holders)
Sat Jan 7 Brighton & Hove Albion 1-0Sheffield United
Sat Jan 7 Bristol City 0-0Nottingham Forest
Wed Jan 11 Nottingham Forest 3-1

Bristol City

Sat Jan 7 Burnley 2-2Huddersfield Town
Wed Jan 11 Huddersfield Town 3-2


Sat Jan 7 Chelsea 2-4West Bromwich Albion
Sat Jan 7 Everton 0-6Crystal Palace
Sat Jan 7 Gillingham1-3Oldham Athletic
Sat Jan 7 Grimsby Town1-1Notts County
Thu Jan 12 Notts County 3-0

Grimsby Town

Sat Jan 7 Hull City 5-0Middlesbrough
Sat Jan 7 Leicester City 2-0Clapton Orient
Sat Jan 7 Manchester City 3-1Darlington
Sat Jan 7 Manchester United1-4Cardiff City
Sat Jan 7 Millwall4-2Ashington
Sat Jan 7 Newcastle United 6-0Newport County
Sat Jan 7 Northampton Town3-0Reading
Sat Jan 7 Plymouth Argyle 1-1Fulham
Wed Jan 11 Fulham 1-0

Plymouth Argyle

Sat Jan 7 Portsmouth1-1Luton Town
Wed Jan 11 Luton Town 2-1


Sat Jan 7 Port Vale2-4Stoke
Sat Jan 7 Preston North End3-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
Sat Jan 7 Southampton 3-1South Shields
Sat Jan 7 Sunderland1-1Liverpool
Wed Jan 11 Liverpool 5-0


Sat Jan 7 Swansea Town 0-0West Ham United
Wed Jan 11 West Ham United 1-1

Swansea Town

Mon Jan 16 Swansea Town 1-0

West Ham United

(the match was played at Ashton Gate, Bristol City FC)
Sat Jan 7 Swindon Town2-1Leeds United
Sat Jan 7 Walsall3-3Bradford City
Wed Jan 11 Bradford City 4-0


Sat Jan 7 Worksop Town*1-2Southend United
Second Round
Sat Jan 28 Aston Villa 1-0Luton Town
Sat Jan 28 Barnsley3-1Oldham Athletic
Sat Jan 28 Bolton Wanderers 1-3

Manchester City

Sat Jan 28 Bradford City 1-1Notts County
Wed Feb 1 Notts County 0-0

Bradford City

Mon Feb 6 Notts County 1-0

Bradford City

(the match was played at Bramall Lane, Sheffield United FC)
Sat Jan 28 Bradford Park Avenue2-3Arsenal
Sat Jan 28 Brighton & Hove Albion 0-0Huddersfield Town
Wed Feb 1 Huddersfield Town 2-0

Brighton & Hove Albion

Sat Jan 28 Crystal Palace 0-0Millwall
Wed Feb 1 Millwall 2-0

Crystal Palace

Sat Jan 28 Leicester City 2-0Fulham
Sat Jan 28 Liverpool0-1West Bromwich Albion
Sat Jan 28 Northampton Town2-2Stoke
Thu Feb 2 Stoke 3-0

Northampton Town

Sat Jan 28 Nottingham Forest3-0Hull City
Sat Jan 28 Preston North End 3-1Newcastle United
Sat Jan 28 Southampton 1-1Cardiff City
Wed Feb 1 Cardiff City 2-0


Sat Jan 28 Southend United0-1Swansea City
Sat Jan 28 Swindon Town0-1Blackburn Rovers
Sat Jan 28 Tottenham Hotspur (holders) 1-0Watford
Third Round
Sat Feb 18 Arsenal 3-0Leicester City
Sat Feb 18 Barnsley 1-1

Preston North End

Wed Feb 22 Preston North End 3-0


Sat Feb 18 Blackburn Rovers 1-1

Huddersfield Town

Wed Feb 22 Huddersfield Town 5-0

Blackburn Rovers

Sat Feb 18 Cardiff City 4-1

Nottingham Forest

Sat Feb 18 Millwall 4-0

Swansea Town

Sat Feb 18 Stoke 0-0

Aston Villa

Wed Feb 22 Aston Villa 4-0


Sat Feb 18 Tottenham Hotspur (holders) 2-1 Manchester City
Sat Feb 18 West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Notts County
Wed Feb 22 Notts County 2-0

West Bromwich Albion

Fourth Round
Sat Mar 4 Arsenal 1-1 Preston North End
Wed Mar 8 Preston North End 2-1


Sat Mar 4 Cardiff City 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur (holders)
Thu Mar 9 Tottenham Hotspur (holders) 2-1

Cardiff City

Sat Mar 4 Huddersfield Town 3-0 Millwall
Sat Mar 4 Notts County 2-2 Aston Villa 
Wed Mar 8 Aston Villa 3-4

Notts County

Sat Mar 25 Huddersfield Town 3-1 Notts County
Played at Turf Moor, Burnley FC
Sat Mar 25 Preston North End 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur (holders)
Played at Hillsborough, Sheffield Wednesday FC
Final   Played at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC
Sat Apr 29 Huddersfield Town 1-0 Preston North End


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