Quiz 27 - Who Are They? - Answers

So how do you think you did..... 

I would guess that most of you would get more of the 
first three right and more of the second three wrong so
3 would seem the fair pass mark.

I think without access to Google getting all 6 right would
be a great achievement.



Archibald Leitch 
If you are well-travelled (older) supporter you will almost certainly been at a club whose ground or a stand was designed by Archibald Leitch. Leitch was an engineer and architect who was born in Glasgow in 1866 and from the start of the twentieth century to his death in 1939 he became the most famous ground designer of all time. Grounds he worked on included Goodison, Highbury, Hillsborough, Ibrox, Roker Park, Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane although much of his architecture is sadly no more.


Arthur Ellis 
The Englishman was one of the top referees of his time - he refereed the first European Cup Final in 1956 - and later became well-known on television officiating in the popular BBC programme It's a Knockout.


Who is pictured alongside and what is his footballing claim to fame?
Graham Kelly. The former Blackpool bank teller became chief executive of the Football Association in 1988 after having previously been Secretary of the Football League. He held the FA post until 1998 when he resigned following allegations that he overstepped his powers by promising a £3.2m loan to the Welsh FA.


Jimmy Gardner
Once a favourite of the tabloids who invariably was named as Jimmy 'Five Bellies' Gardner. From Gateshead, he was the best mate of Paul Gascoigne and often filled as many column inches in the newspapers as Gazza.


Matthew Simmons
He was the Crystal Palace 'fan' whose verbal abuse of Eric Cantona saw the Frenchman launch the famous kung-fu kick at him at Selhurst Park in January 1995.  


Susie Amy
She's the actress who played Chardonnay in the TV series Footballer's Wives. Sorry!

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There was a time when Bobby Charlton's daughter - Suzanne Charlton - was seen more often on television than her dad. What was she doing?

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