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Who made 62 international appearances for England when a player at Aston Villa, Bari, Juventus, Sampdoria and Arsenal?
David Platt


He had his testimonial match against Celtic on May 11th 2006. An injury prevented him from playing other than kicking off and returning to score a winning penalty in the last minute. His testimonial year proceeds of over £1,600,000 were donated to charity. Who?
Alan Shearer.


More a test of imagination this one rather than football knowledge. The five-year old pictured right grew into a high-profile football personality in years to come. Who?

Alan Sugar - or now Baron Sugar of Clapton no less - who in later years became owner and chairman of Tottenham Hotspur


The former England international was born in Leicester on 30th November 1960 and because that was Winston Churchill's birthday he was given the middle name of Winston. Who?
Gary Winston Lineker.


What was Derby County's home ground before their move to Pride Park?
The Baseball Ground.


In 2012/13 which club became the first to have won the FA Cup and suffered relegation in the same season?
Wigan Athletic who beat Manchester City in the FA Cup final and were relegated from the Premier League in 2012/13.


Which ground is pictured alongside
(2006 photo)?
Ashton Gate, Bristol City FC.


Who are the Pilgrims who played their first match in the Football League in 2002 but have since dropped back into non-league circles ?
Boston United.


Which British club won their only European competition in 1972 but were unable to defend their title due to a UEFA ban resulting from their fans' misbehaviour at the final?
Rangers, who beat Moscow Dynamo in the 1972 European Cup-Winners Cup final in Barcelona.


If you were at a match alongside celebrity football supporters Nick Hancock, who was supporting his side, and Frank Skinner, who was supporting his, which two clubs would you be watching?
Stoke City (Hancocks) and WBA (Skinner).

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In January 2013 which British Olympic medalist said
'I can't tell you how many times you slide down the beam and your leotard's up your bum'?

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