Quiz 87 - General Sport - Answers

The challenge you are facing.....

10 correct
No way José - you must looked at the answers first!

7, 8 or 9 correct
OK, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, you know your sport
 - well done.

4, 5 or 6 correct
A good attempt, pass mark and above.

1, 2 or 3 correct
Stick to football.

0 correct
You should have looked at the answers first!



In 1980 England's Michael Lee and Dave Jessup finished as winner and runner-up in the world championship of which sport?


In June 2013 Lancashire skittled out which county for only 20 runs in the second innings of their County Championship cricket match?


The picture, right, was taken a few years after he was in his sporting hey-day - who?
Golf's Tony Jacklin

4. Which international Rugby Union team are known as the Pumas?



Michael Sheen played Brian Clough in the film The Damned United - which actor played the part of Cloughie's side-kick Peter Taylor?
Timothy Spall


Laura Robson is a rare and wondrous person - a British woman tennis player who can win matches! But where was Laura Robson born - Camberley in England, Melbourne in Australia,  St Helier in Jersey or just outside of Vancouver in Canada?
Melbourne in Australia - she's an Aussie!



The trophy for which famous international sporting event is pictured alongside?
Sailing's America's Cup


Alan Bell was a very important man at the 2012 London Olympics athletics events - what did he do?
He was the chief starter


The 1997 Grand National is known as the Monday National - because it was run on a Monday! Why wasn't it run on the traditional Saturday?
It was postponed for 2 days because of bomb threats from the IRA.


With which sport do you associate the term slam dunk?


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On October 7th 2013 Polytechnic beat Civil Service 2-1 in a Southern Amateur League match. Why did the match make the national headlines?

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